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NSW Police Announces Strike Force Erebus to Coordinate Efforts to Combat Gang Violence in Western Sydney

The New South Wales Police Department has announced it will set up a new task force to coordinate efforts to arrest those behind several recent shootings in western Sydney.

Most important points:

Strike Force Erebus will oversee police operations to tackle gang violence. Police pledge to tackle the bloodshed and prevent innocent community members from being affected. Police call for information as they investigate recent killings

It comes as Rami Iskander was shot outside his home in Belmore just before 4 am on Saturday.

At least 11 people have died in gang-related crimes in the state in less than two years.

Strike Force Erebus will manage the resources of gang-fighting like Raptor and leverage the expertise of others in law enforcement, such as intelligence analysts, to investigate links between recent murders and illegal drug imports, illegal arms deliveries, and vehicle theft, a statement said—Police statement.

The task force will comprise officers from the Counter-Terrorism Team and the Special Tactics Command.

Rami Iskanker (left), who was fatally shot on Saturday, is the nephew of murdered underworld crime figure Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmad. Rami Iskander was shot multiple times outside his home in Belmore. (ABC News)

Police Assistant Commissioner Mick Fitzgerald said the crackdown was aimed at protecting innocent people.

“These public acts of violence are dangerous, and although they are targeted, it will not be tolerated,” said Deputy Commissioner Fitzgerald.

“It only takes one stray bullet to injure or kill an innocent person.

“As such, the police will not back down. We will continue to target anyone who shows blatant disregard for community safety.”

Detective Chief Superintendent Darren Bennett said officers investigated links between groups and possible motivations.

Combat Gang Violence

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“We know the victims of these crimes in similar circles, and this task force enables centralized investigation of how those connections relate to the shootings and possible motivations,” Chief Inspector Bennett said.

“It also ensures expert coordination of resources and high pressure targeting crime at the center of the shootings.”

He said police were not “resting on (their) laurels” despite the deadly shootings continuing, with the most recent on Saturday.

“We have already conducted numerous successful operations, but due to their covert nature, I can only assure the public that we are not resting on our laurels,” Chief Inspector Bennett said.

He said police struggled to investigate the shooting, having been welcomed by a “wall of silence” by family and associates.

“When it comes to organized crime, investigators run into a wall of silence,” he said.

“Those connected to the victims, whether through blood, marriage or as a partner, are often unwilling to help the police, due to misplaced loyalty or fear of retaliation.”

He asked the community to report any information that could help solve the recent murders.

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