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Prime Minister Scott Morrison admits it wasn’t helpful to say ‘I’m not holding a snake, mate’ in ACA interview with Tracy Grimshaw

The Prime Minister has acknowledged that his infamous “I’m not holding a snake, mate” justification for taking a holiday while Australia burned “wasn’t helpful”, as he continues to lean on a belated attempt to rearrange his character ahead of the poll. Saturday.

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Scott Morrison spoke to Tracey Grimshaw on Channel 9’s A Current Affair. Mr. Morrison acknowledged that he could have been “more sensitive at times”. Mrs. Grimshaw asked Mr. Morrison if he had “exaggerated” his belief that he had saved the country.

At the end of the penultimate week of the election campaign, the prime minister declared: “Australians know I can be a bit of a bulldozer” in a major rebrand in which he pledged to change his leadership style if he stays in power.

Appearing on Channel 9’s A Current Affair, Mr. Morrison was annoyed by the comments made by presenter Tracy Grimshaw, who opened the interview with: “How long have you known you’re a bulldozer?”

“I’ve been like that for a while,” he replied.

He was then asked if he regretted saying, “I’m not holding a snake, mate,” after going on vacation in 2019 as the Black Summer wildfires raged across the country — a question that sparked a debate—Rare concession from Mr. Morrison.

“Certainly, that was not a helpful comment at the time,” he said.

The prime minister continued his effort to reform his character, acknowledging that he could have been “more sensitive at times” when asked what he would have done differently had he known his popularity was on the wane.

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Election news:

Tracy Grimshaw then went on to take the Prime Minister’s statement at the Liberal Party’s launch on Sunday that he was “saving” the country.

“You didn’t hold a snake, you weren’t in your tinnie picking people off rooftops, you didn’t make 16-hour days in PPE in the COVID wards, you didn’t get enough vaccines fast enough, you didn’t get enough RATs so that we can finally have an interstate vacation before Christmas, and China is set up, based in the Solomons,” she said.

“Do you think you may have exaggerated a bit in part about saving the country?”

The Prime Minister replied: “Well, that’s quite a long list you’ve been able to put together”, before declaring that Australia was better off from the pandemic than almost any other country.

With only days left until Australians go to the polls, Scott Morrison embarks on a frantic final round of campaigning to win over undecided voters.

With just days until Australians go to the polls, both leaders are entering a frenetic final round of campaigns to win undecided voters.

Morrison starts Wednesday morning in Melbourne, where Liberals are particularly concerned about the challenges posed by the so-called “blue candidates” in the voters of Kooyong and Goldstein.

Meanwhile, Labor leader Anthony Albanese will be in Canberra to represent the National Press Club just an hour after crucial economic data was released.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics update on the wage price index is expected to show wages lagging behind the cost of living, capitalizing on Labour’s central argument that workers’ wages are declining.

Polls appear to be tightening in the run-up to Saturday’s election. A new Resolve Strategic poll for nine newspapers shows Labor’s primary vote has fallen from 34 to 31 percent in a fortnight. In contrast, the coalition has lost by one point. Rose to 34 percent, within the poll’s margin of error.

After preferences, Labor maintains its lead over the coalition, but it has been narrowed to 51 to 49 percent.

Election Essentials:

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