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Will Apple Store Fix Laptops

To get service for your Mac, make a reservation at an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider. Or, if you have a Mac notebook, contact us, and we’ll send you a box that you can use to send it to an Apple Repair Center. We will return your repaired product to you as soon as possible.

How long does it take for an Apple Store to fix a laptop?

If you can take your Apple product to an Apple Store or an Apple service provider, they may be able to repair it for you, depending on whether they have the equipment. However, some issues can be more complex and need to be forwarded to an Apple Repair Center,, which would take 6-8 days.

Can Apple repair my laptop on the same day?

Most repairs are done the same day if all necessary parts are in stock, and the unit is not seriously damaged. Certain repairs may require a longer trade-in process.

Is It Worth Getting a MacBook Repaired?

Regardless of the reason for your broken device, most people assume that repairing their broken screen or a water-damaged MacBook can be cheaper than buying a new one. Often this is not the case, and it may even be more economical to purchase a new device.

Can I take my laptop to the Apple Store?

When you’re ready to buy a new product from an Apple Store, you can take your old device. If it’s eligible for trade-in, we’ll immediately apply for a credit at the time of purchase.

Do Apple Stores Do Repairs?

You can get Apple-certified repairs and services at the Apple Store or one of our authorized Apple service providers. You can also send your iPhone to an Apple Repair Center. They provide the same high-quality service with genuine Apple parts. Apple supports the repairs.

Will Apple give you a loaner laptop?

But to my knowledge, Apple does not offer a loaner device. I’m assuming it’s not the same as a loaner car, as most people would restore a backup on the machine, and then Apple would have to erase it once it got back. No (Apple told me.) Whatever you back up to iCloud can be downloaded on both PCs and Macs.


Can I buy AppleCare after the damage?

Apple Care can be purchased within 60 days of iPhone purchase. Apple Care cannot be purchased afterward. Once the device is damaged, it is no longer eligible for Apple care.

Can you add AppleCare later?

In most countries and regions, you can purchase AppleCare+ within 60 days of purchasing your device. In some countries and areas, you can buy an AppleCare Protection Plan within one year of purchasing an eligible Mac, Apple TV, or other device. If you still need help buying an AppleCare plan, please contact Apple Support.

How long is a MacBook warranty?

Apple provides a page to check the warranty status of your MacBook. And while every Mac comes with a 1-year limited warranty with over 90 days of technical support, you can also extend your contract for three years with AppleCare+.

How long will AppleCare last for MacBook?

What Does AppleCare+ Cover for Macs? The plan extends the original warranty from one year to three years, which covers you for defects that are not your fault. Phone and chat support has also been extended from 90 days to three years.

What is covered by the Apple warranty?

The Apple Limited Warranty covers your iPhone and Apple accessories against manufacturing defects for one year from the date you purchased your product. The Apple Limited Warranty is in addition to the rights provided by consumer law. Our warranty does not cover damage caused by accidents or unauthorized alterations.

How much does AppleCare cost?

Standard AppleCare+: One-time fee of $200 or $10 per month. Includes loss and theft protection: $270 or $13.50 per month.

Can I trade in my AirPods for Airpod Professionals?

You cannot trade in any AirPods for the next pair. You can sell them to third parties, but there is no way to trade them in. Apple doesn’t do that.

What is my MacBook Pro worth?

MacBook Pro retail prices (which you can expect to sell as of 12/17/2021) MacBook Pro Online Repurchase Stores Brick-and-Mortar Stores (Best Buy, with AC Adapter) MacBook Pro 15-inch, 2017 $500 $475 MacBook Pro 13-inch, 2017 $600 $275 MacBook Pro 15-inch, 2016 $540 $0 MacBook Pro 13-inch, 2016 $450 $275.

Can I take my MacBook to the Apple Store?

You can take your batteries and old Apple products to any Apple Store, and we will recycle them responsibly, free of charge. We accept any small product or battery without purchasing a new product or battery.

Can you walk into the Apple Store for repair?

Apple Stores accept walk-ins for the Genius Bar, but wait times can vary greatly depending on where you live and the time of day/week you visit. One thing to keep in mind, Apple filters the available support options based on the issues you select.

Is Genius Bar free?

There is no cost to visit a Genius Bar in an Apple Store. There may be a charge if they need to repair your system out of warranty (I was charged about $300 for an out-of-warranty circuit board replacement), although I got a few for free.

Can you buy AppleCare at any time?

You can purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan anytime within the one-year limited warranty period. Apple strongly recommends purchasing the AppleCare Protection Plan as soon as you purchase your Apple product to take full advantage of the additional benefits offered under the plan.

What is a loan laptop?

Loaned laptops are only available as a last resort for teachers and staff who require computer access and have no other option. Loaned laptops are provided at the discretion of the Helpdesk for a maximum period of two weeks. Loaned laptops can be returned before the stated expiration date.

Does Apple provide a loaner car?

A loaner iPhone is available for most repairs covered by the Apple Limited Warranty. Our repair center will return your iPhone to your service location when your repaired iPhone is ready. When you pick up your iPhone, you return the loaner car to us in the same condition it was when we loaned it.

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