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Could I Use Apple Usb-C Charger For Dell Laptop

The Apple 87W USB-C power adapter works fine with the Windows-based Dell XPS 13 9360 with Thunderbolt 3 and USB Power Delivery, but not as fast as the PC can expect to charge with the Dell-supplied 45-watt-based AC adapter.

Can you use any USB-C charger for Dell?

Will any port work with any charger? USB-C is a universal charging standard. That means technically, it doesn’t matter which USB-C charger you use – it should be able to charge a laptop with a USB-C charging port and power bank.

Can you use a MacBook charger on a Dell?

Apple doesn’t force you to use only Apple chargers. It only advises you. This is because Apple accessories are designed to work best with Apple devices. A universal charger or third-party chargers can be used.

Can I charge a Dell laptop with a USB-C charger?

Dell Latitude 5300 2-in-1 and 5400 Chromebook Enterprise devices can be charged through the USB Type-C port or the Barrel port (7.4mm) using an official Dell laptop charger.

Can I use the MacBook charger for another laptop?

If only the MacBook 12-inch USB-C charger is around, can it be used to charge other USB-C devices, such as Android phones that also use USB-C? (will it be “too powerful” and damage other devices?) Yes, it can be used, and you won’t do any harm. USB-C complies with the USB 3.1 specification.

Does a Dell laptop have a USB-C port?

DisplayPort, USB Type-C, and USB 3.1 Gen 1 connections are supported through the USB Type-C port on the Dell Latitude 3379, Vostro 3500, and Inspiron 5368, 5378, 5568, 5578, 7368, 7375, 7378, 7569, 7579, 7778 or 7779 PCs. These PCs can also be charged via the USB Type-C port using a compatible 45W adapter.

What type of charger does a Dell laptop use?

New Dell Laptop Charger 45W watt USB Type C (USB-C) AC Power Adapter Including Power Cord for Dell XPS 13 9365 9370 9380, Latitude 7275 7370 5175 5285 5290-2in1 7390-2in1, LA45NM150.0HDCY5.,msid-72207442,width-1200,height-900/72207442.jpg

How can I charge my Dell laptop without a charger?

Five ways to charge your laptop without a charger Charge your laptop with a power bank. Charge your laptop with a car battery. Use a USB Type-C adapter. Charge your laptop with a universal power adapter. Charge your laptop with a super storm.

Can I use the MacBook charger on Dell XPS?

You should be fine if the charger is a USB-C charger that supports PD (Power Delivery).

Can I charge my MacBook Pro with a Dell USB-c charger?

The Dell 30-Watt AC Adapter can charge the Apple MacBook (Early 2016) with USB Power Delivery. The Apple MacBook (Early 2016) then calls for 20 volts @ 1.5 amps (30 watts) and charges properly via the Dell 30-watt AC adapter with a 3 ft power cord – USB Type-C.

How do you charge a Dell laptop?

How do I charge my Dell laptop battery? The laptop’s battery is set when connected to an AC power source via the AC adapter.

Are all Dell laptop chargers compatible?

Buying the first one is not a good idea, as chargers are all designed differently. However, there are some limits, as not all chargers are compatible with every laptop. This is still true for Dell laptops, as some use an AC port, while others use a USB-C port, and some AC ports vary in size.

Can I use any USB-C charger for my MacBook Pro?

You can set your Mac notebook with any USB-C power adapter or display if your Mac uses USB-C. For the best charging experience, use the power adapter and cable that came with your Mac notebook.

Are MacBook chargers universal?

The way Apple power adapters are designed is that you can use any charger on any laptop with the same or lower power. For example, you can safely use an 85W power adapter (for MacBook Pro) on a MacBook Air (which only requires 45W) or MacBook (which requires 65W).

Can I use a 30W charger for iPhone 12?

Yes, you can charge the iPhone 12 with a 30-watt USB-C power adapter, but the phone draws a maximum of 20 watts. The 5W charger takes hours to charge your phone to 100%. According to Apple, it would charge to 50% in about 30 minutes, but I reached 50% in my testing in 23 minutes.

What are Type-C laptops?

USB-C has a new smaller connector shape that is reversible for easier connection. USB-C cables can carry significantly more power and charge larger devices such as laptops. They also offer up to double the transfer rate of USB 3 at 10 Gbps.

What is the Type-C port on my laptop for?

What is USB Type-C? USB Type-C is a smaller, reversible USB connector that can transmit video, audio, and data (USB 3.1) and provide charging power to many devices (USB Power Delivery or PD). This stream can be transferred simultaneously when the device sends data over the connection.

Does the Dell USB-C Dock work with Mac?

The Dell Thunderbolt Dock with v1. 0.14. 1 Update (which includes NVM43 firmware) has been certified by Apple through an independent third-party lab to work with Apple USB-C hosts. Functionality Dell Commercial Notebooks Apple USB-C Host MAC Address Pass-through Yes No Wake on Dock Yes No Wake on LAN Yes No.

Can an HP charger charge a Dell laptop?

While it is true that HP has started using the same connector, it cannot be used because Dell will reject it because of the missing or incorrect serial chip data. At most, the adapter will power the laptop, but it refuses to charge the battery.

Which charger is used for Dell Inspiron?

Compare With Similar Items This item 45W 65W AC Laptop Charger Suitable For Dell Inspiron 15-3000 15-5000 15-7000 13-7000 17-5000 17-7000 11-3000 13-5000 14-3000 14-5000 Series 5559 5558 5555 3552 Power Adapter Power Cord 19.5V 2.31A 3.34A Add to Cart Customer Rating 4.5 out of 5 Stars (6360) Price $2499 Sold per dept.

How do I know which charger I need for my laptop?

Find the wattage of your laptop. The most important element to look for is the output voltage for the charger (also known as DC voltage). Check your laptop manual for voltage requirements or the original power supply if you still have one. It will often be something like this: OUTPUT: 19VDC 3.42A.

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