Quick Answer: Does Apple Laptop Charger Work For Hp Spectre Laptop

HP Specter x360 2017 gets along well with the Apple 87W USB-C Power Adapter via USB Power Delivery.

Can I use the HP charger on MacBook?

Yes, that power adapter will work based on the information you provided.

Can you charge HP Specter with USB-C?

USB-C is a universal charging standard. That means technically, it doesn’t matter which USB-C charger you use – it should be able to charge a laptop with a USB-C charging port and power bank. PCWorld found during its testing that HP’s Specter x2 would not trust any USB-C charger other than its own.

Can you use a Mac charger for a PC?

The Apple 87W USB-C Power Adapter uses USB Power Delivery to originally charge the Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro (Late 2016) and certain non-Apple-based PCs such as the Thunderbolt 3-compatible Dell XPS 13 9360, 9 amps) from the Apple charger, it accepts.

Can you charge the HP Specter x360 with USB-C?

These units can increase the voltage and current to provide the required power without the USB-C v3. 1 cable connecting the charger to the laptop. Take heart, HP offers their chargers for sale separately, and aftermarket manufacturers are offering USB-C chargers of 65 watts and above.

What happens if you use the wrong Apple charger?

You won’t damage anything with the wrong adapter. The charging circuit in Intel Macs is very sophisticated and doesn’t let anything bad happen. Using the higher-wattage adapter with a low-power notebook will work. The computer will only draw as much power from the adapter as it needs.

How can I charge my HP Specter without a charger?

One of the easiest ways to charge your laptop is with a power bank. A power bank is a portable battery for your computer. All you have to do is connect the power bank to your computer. The best thing about power banks is that they don’t need to be plugged into a wall outlet while they charge your laptop.

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What kind of charger does an HP Specter use?

HP 925740-002 USB Type-C AC Adapter for HP Specter x360 13-AE015DX, 100% compatible with HP part number: 860065-002, 860209-850, 925740-002, TPN-CA06, 1588-3003, HU10674-16024.

What type of charger does an HP Specter use?

USB-C charging for HP Specter x360 – 15-ch004na.

Are MacBook chargers the same?

It’s OK to use a bigger charger on a smaller machine. For example, MBAs require 45 watts; it is fine to use a 60 or 75-watt charger on the MBA. However, it is NOT OK to use a smaller loader on a larger machine; this strains the loader and the engine and can damage both.

Can you use the MacBook charger for other laptops?

To ease your main concern about whether it could damage the device or battery when charging devices with a charger not specifically designed for that device, the answer is yes, you can. However, in some cases, it will be fine.

What is C-Type USB?

USB-C is an industry-standard connector for transmitting data and power on a single cable. The USB-C connector was developed by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), the group of companies that designed, certified and led the USB standard over the years.

Does the HP Specter come with a charger?

The Specter x360 (2nd gen 2017) opens to reveal a glossy 13.3-inch full HD display with a backlit keyboard. The box contains standard accessories such as the user and support documentation, a 13-inch leather-like cover, and a USB Type-C-based AC adapter (45 watts).

Can you charge the HP Specter x360?

I recommend buying a separate 45W or 60W usb-c charger. You can use it for both your Specter and your phone. Note that 60W is still quite low when using the graphics power of the Specter, so I recommend only gaming on a charger over 100W (since anything lower will likely only drain the battery longer will make).

How do I charge my HP Specter?

1-3 of 3 answers The HP Specter X360 15 CAN be charged via the Thunderbolt 3/USB Type-C port in the diagonal right back corner. The other USB type-c ports are for data. Yes, it can be charged via USB type C. Answered by CommunityAnswer 2 years ago. I do not think so.

Can a faulty charger damage my laptop?

Using a charger with the wrong voltage could potentially damage your laptop. Too high a voltage usually causes this. But a charger with too high a current will not damage your computer. Using a charger with too low an amperage may affect the power supply, but not the computer.

Will my MacBook break if I use a different charger?

Yes, it can damage your battery; you must be careful when using third-party products. The charger must be compatible with your battery; please check the information on it (input/output values ​​- how many V and A), if they are the same as your original one, don’t worry.

Does the 60W charger work for MacBook Pro?

By default, the MacBook Pro uses an 85W power adapter, while the MacBook uses a 60W power adapter. The 60W adapter can also be used with the MacBook Pro and MacBook. However, the lower power unit may not provide enough power for MacBook Pros to charge and operate simultaneously.

Can I charge my laptop with an HDMI cable?

Can I charge my laptop with an HDMI cable? No. That is not possible. There is no circuit on a computer that transfers power from the HDMI port to the battery.

Can I charge my Mac with any USB-C?

You can set your Mac notebook with any USB-C power adapter or display if your Mac uses USB-C. For the best charging experience, use the power adapter and cable that came with your Mac notebook.

Can I use my phone to charge my laptop?

This depends on whether you are using Android or iOS. First, you need a USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable. Then connect your phone to your laptop and find your phone’s USB settings. Once that’s done, your smartphone battery drains quickly, and your laptop battery returns to life.

How can I charge my dead HP laptop without a charger?

Five ways to charge your laptop without a charger Charge your laptop with a power bank. Charge your laptop with a car battery. Use a USB Type-C adapter. Charge your laptop with a universal power adapter. Charge your laptop with a super storm.

How do I manually charge my laptop battery?

Ways to manually charge your laptop battery Use a universal power adapter. Use a USB-C port. Use an external battery charger. Use a solar charging kit. Use an AC adapter. Buy a Super laptop battery. Use optimal charging methods. Control heat.

How much does a USB-C charger cost?

Compare with Similar Items This Item Amazon Basics USB Type-C to USB Type-C 2.0 Charging Cable – 6 feet, White Customer Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars (22347) Price $899 Shipping FREE Shipping on orders over $ 25.00 shipped by Amazon or get Fast, Free Shipping with Amazon Prime sold by

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